Can I establish an offshore brokerage account?

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Offshore Brokerage Account in Seychelles 

Today, we want to show you how to tax profits from trading in the Czech Republic and how an increasingly popular offshore company is a founder.

First of all, I would like to congratulate all traders who are worried about how to tax last year’s profits and now deal with forex taxes.

Because the Czech Tax Code does not know the concept of forex, so it is a tax on financial derivatives. Under this, there is a tax on forex trading, as well as trading with CFDs. If you trade currency, commodities or stocks on your platform, you do not have to make a profit, everything is one rate and 15%. You can not apply the so-called 6-month tax test for trading in shares, trading CFDs …

Because the traders are very few, the calculation of the profit differs from the Office. Most of the officials use the annual statement. Perhaps it seems unfair to you because as long as the money does not leave the platform, it is an investment that is still open… 

The second, milder approach is to tax only selections. What comes to you from a broker’s account is a profit and costs are a deposit. Simple and logical, but not common. I recommend submitting a tax return according to a bank statement and arguing. If it does not work, you have time for the worse option.

This year, the Czech Republic faces a fairly basic election, and when I hear “we’re saving on the state, not on people “, I know who I’m going to sponsor from my taxes … Like ” the speculator ” I know who the tax will be.

The solution is very simple and relatively cheap. The company in a tax haven.

In addition to the British Virgin Islands, which are now under pressure and the opening of secret business registers is now considered, there is no difference in jurisdiction. However, the acquisition and maintenance costs are different. Seychelles is still the absolute number one. Getting an offshore company is not worth more than established in the Czech Republic, and it’s just the amount of taxes that you are threatening. Seychelles is as jurisdictions on the G20 whitelist, that is, businesses can do business around the world and you will not have the problem of setting up an offshore broker account with offshorecitizen. From experience, I can confirm that the opening of a British Broker’s merchant account was easier for an offshore company than for a Czech.

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